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gigmade is a web app, backed by powerful logic to run your collaborative innovation projects. It works based on the insight that employees give their best when they are fully empowered, autonomous project contributors.
At gigmade, we believe people are good at innovation and bad at following process.
We also believe any project needs organizational structure and process to operate.
So we take care of the structure and let teams focus on innovation.

Usage Examples

Get inspired by situations in which gigmade can help you.
Corporate Start-up
Start a project with a charter and inform selected experts in your organization. Contributors will join the project based on the relevance of their expertise and other incentives.
The gigmade app auto-builds fluid org charts based on actual team communication. Team members can on- and offboard easily based on the project's currently needed expertise. Easily call in external experts for specific challenges.
Corporate Matchmaking
You believe the solution to your project question is one employee away, but you don't know which one?
Publish the project on gigmade. Annotate relevant parts with "Needs Help". The project is now on your internal help marketplace. Employees will browse it looking for interesting projects to apply their expertise in. The project context is available and anyone can directly contribute.
Read on to the teamsourcing example to understand how this is possible.
Outsourcing, RFPs and Change requests
In outsourced innovation projects, requirements are often not all clear upfront. Service providers may get contracted based on unfinished specifications. Bureaucratic change request processes may be required to adjust specifications.
When you distribute your RFP (request for proposal) via gigmade, it becomes the living project specification.
Vendors can independently suggest improvements before, or change requests after contracting. It's easy to understand changes with impact and cost.
Collect analytics on change request costs per vendor.
Start a project with a charter, and make it available for write-access to all of your employees. This will work even when dozens or hundreds of employees contribute to the same project. A fluid team of self-adjusting size forms that can efficiently tackle the project without org charts or status meetings. No contribution is ever lost or overwritten. Smart algorithms process all contributions and present them to the relevant team members in the fluid project organization, who can then easily mix and match, re-use, promote, and negotiate a rich arsenal of building blocks to achieve outstanding project solutions together.
Concurrent variants
Sometimes, teams encounter multiple options in projects. For example:
- Choose supplier Acme (high expertise) or Globex (good quality management)?
- New product development: modify existing part or develop from scratch?
With gigmade, there is no need to pick a winning approach before enough data is available.
In gigmade projects, you can pursue multiple variants concurrently until the better one wins, while smart algorithms keep the common parts of the project in sync.


The helpful benefits gigmade ships with.
Write structured project plans
Smart change processing handles any number of contributions
Automatic project organizational structure: Dynamic and based on contributors interactions
"Get help" marketplace
Version history
Full contribution attribution
Analytics on team structure and organizational efficiency
Analytics on diversity and adoption of project contributions

Our Team

Our human power.
Stefan Baumann

Stefan Baumann

ETH Zürich, Physics. 8 years Novartis, NIBR, Head of Imaging Infrastructure. Bio-IT award for first automated phase II trial image analysis across Pharma.
Steve Pieper

Steve Pieper

MIT, Computer Science. Adjunct teacher at MIT and Berkeley. Principal Investigator and Head Architect of 3D Slicer open source image analysis suite.
Ahmed Hosny

Ahmed Hosny

Harvard University, Computational Design. Machine Learning, Interactive data visualization, design and user experience.
Eve Freeman

Eve Freeman

Expert in database layout and optimization, with a focus on Neo4j. Contributor to the CYPHER query language.
Alaa-Eddine Kaddouri

Alaa-Eddine Kaddouri

USTL Lille, Information Technology and distributed computing. Cross-platform development.
Julian Krispel

Julian Krispel

Open source fanatic, master of react and browser based editors.

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